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Can Philanthropy Bring $50 Million to Community-Based Finance?

Visit these organizations to find the banking institutions that match your mission.

  •  CARSTM, the CDFI Assessment and Ratings System, is the only comprehensive, third-party assessment of a CDFI’s impact performance and financial strength and performance. CARSTM helps investors confidently assess CDFIs that match their social objectives and risk parameters. A CARSTM assessment includes past performance, current financial position, and risk factors in the future. Ratings are based on five years of historical performance.  A foundation can see immediately if a prospective institution is rated, but must subscribe to the service for a fee to see the ratings.

  • The CDARS Network nationwide includes more than 3,000 financial institution members who use CDARS to offer their customers the secure and convenient way to invest in large-dollar, FDIC-insured CDs.

  • Community Development Bankers Association (CDBA) is the national trade association of the community development bank sector. 

  • This fund was created by the government to promote community development through investment in and assistance to CDFIs. The website has a database tool that conducts searches of all domestic banks and thrifts according to an institution’s organizational, financial and social performance data.  Banks and thrifts are measured based on percentages of lending to low-income borrowers (Development Lending Intensity) and percentage of branches located in CDFI Fund Investments.

  • Institutional Risk Analytics is a web-based resource where you can look up for free and banks by name, stock symbol and their regulatory id numbers and by zip code. You can also browse through a growing library of IRA’s Top 50 lists of banks.

  • The NCIF Social Performance Metrics database tool allows you to search all domestic banks and thrifts according to an institution's organizational, financial and social performance data.  

Utilizing the two primary NCIF Social Performance Metrics (DLI-HMDA and DDI), NCIF proposes benchmark values for the entire universe of banks and thrifts.